Free Webinar – 6 Reasons Some Schools Succeed and Some Fail

Why is it that some schools have stellar academics, strong finances, high enrollment, and seem to radiate one student success story after another? And yet their neighboring school, who is serving the same community, has poor performance and is literally struggling to stay open year after year?

What are the secrets to a school making it in today’s competitive world?

Through our nearly 20 years of working with charter schools in Michigan, we’ve learned a thing or two about success. As the only turnaround specialist in the State, we’ve stepped into contracts at the school's lowest point, literally with only months before that ‘closed’ sign became reality.

Through these experiences, we’ve noted common themes that brought the school to this point. But even better, we’ve mapped out strategies to prevent this from ever happening.

That’s what we want to gift to you.

Hear from one of our Area Superintendents, Chris Matheson, on what we know to be true about success and failure. You’ll walk away with immediate tactics to keep your school on the right track.

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Thursday, February 16

2pm EST