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fli_logoDreams take shape at Choice Schools Associates, and we provide our educators with the chance to achieve their dreams of becoming an educational leader. The Future Leaders Institute (FLI) provides candidates with extensive training – testing their leadership skills throughout the year, and creating school leaders who are strong and comfortable in the role of a leader.


Candidates who are nominated have demonstrated exemplary leadership skills both within and outside of their classrooms. The nomination process occurs through three different avenues. An educator may be nominated by their current School Leader, Dr. Sidney Faucette and the President of Choice Schools Associates, or may express to their School Leaders why they believe they would benefit from the FLI program.


FLI Graduate training is an extensive ten-month process, where candidates are required to participate in various activities aimed at strengthening their qualities as a leader. Candidates are able to network with past participants of the FLI program, as well as connect with current School Leaders as they develop their own leadership skills and styles.

Candidates are expected to read numerous books, participate in in-depth reviews and analyses of all reading material, prepare, present and submit various writing assignments, and review information specific to their school – such as learning contracts, school budgets, school marketing plans, and school safety plans.

Aside from participation in the assignments, candidates are instructed on how tasks are to be completed as a School Leader, and what tasks this might entail. Topics discussed include: Strategies and Methods for High Performance – Professional Learning Community; Technology as an Accelerator; Traditional Discipline; Differentiated Instruction; Accelerated Learning, The Role of the Public School Academy Board of Directors, Formal Teacher Evaluations, Performance Improvement Plans, and Building High Performing Teams – A Leader’s Role.

Candidates must also present a presentation of their personal leadership philosophy, followed with a discussion and debriefing with CSA’s President and CEO. To truly test their leadership skills, members of the FLI program are assigned to special projects, geared towards showcasing their abilities.

Once the training has been complete, candidates who have developed a great sense for leadership, as well as extensively showcased their commitment and skills of being a School Leader, are presented with their certificate in Future Leaders Institute training.

Success Rates

Many of our FLI Graduates are currently holding positions within our company as School Leaders.  Every year, over 80% of our FLI participants have been offered leadership positions, actively taken part in a leadership position, or will begin a leadership role in the following year.

How To Qualify

Are you looking to participate in the FLI Program through Choice Schools Associates? FLI members gain further knowledge and leadership experience through job shadowing, attending and reporting on Board meetings, and applying what has been learning in daily practice. In order to qualify for the FLI program, you must:

  • Express interest in leadership area
  • Work with your current School Leader and meet the following criteria:
    • Achieve a Highly Effective rating on yearly evaluations
    • Years of experience
    • Proven positive leadership in current position
    • Proven team player
    • Working toward Educational Leadership degree or has a School of Administrator Certificate
    • Willing to take on additional responsibilities such as mentoring, coordinating, interviewing team, acting principal, special projects.

If you are currently a Choice Schools educator, or if your are an interested educator from another provider, please feel free to email your resume, and essay to:

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