Careers: Professional Development Opportunities

THE INSTRUCTIONAL LEADERS ACADEMY (ILA) is a nine-month program designed to grow and support instructional leadership within our very own schools. This program is for those who want to become stronger instructional leaders as they support their principal and their peers. This program will be on par with a graduate level class and will provide participants with strategies they can implement in their school right away. It has been designed to give participants the knowledge, skills, and effective practices to lead instruction more effectively.

THE FUTURE LEADERS INSTITUTE (FLI) is a yearlong program that prepares applicants for a current or future school leader role within the CSA/MIChoice companies. The program prepares future leaders by identifying each person’s strengths and by breaking down the many components of a school leader’s job and focusing on each component in an in-depth, yet manageable way. After completing the program, the future school leader is prepared to take on all aspects of the job including but not limited to Compliance, Instruction, Assessment, School Improvement, Positive Discipline, Character Education, and Accelerated Schools. Learn more about the FLI Program here. 

CHOICE DNA is a three-day program for new school leaders that completely focuses on Choice’s Guiding Principles. The Guiding Principles are presented in an interactive format that allows for a deep understanding of what makes Choice so prosperous and unique. The Guiding Principles that we focus on are Learning Centered School Culture, Accelerated Schools, Differentiated Instruction, Professional Learning Community, Positive Discipline Support Plan, Character Education, and Technology as an Accelerator.

CHOICE UNIVERSITY occurs annually prior to the beginning of the school year and is an opportunity for all Choice educators to come together and grow professionally. It is a day of fellowship, learning, and development. Our staff leverage this time to network with other educators and gain knowledge on educational-based topics.