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At Choice Schools Associates, we manage services for several charter schools throughout Michigan. Focusing on a variety of services, we can help with human resources, new schools, accounting, payroll, marketing, and other full-service management tasks. We also have local staff to assist the schools and turn around any schools with recruitment, financial, or human resource issues. As a family owned, faith-based company, our aim is to create nurturing, community-based learning environments. With almost twenty years of experience, our team can get your school’s management concerns put to rest. Here are some of the schools we’re partnered with in the area.

Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

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Grades: PreK – 8th
Current Enrollment (as of October 2015): 440+
Authorizer: Ferris State University
Year Established: 1998
Managed by Choice since: 2004
Number of Employees: 40+
Free & Reduced Lunch: 98%
Latest Charter Renewal (date): 2014
Granted for how many years: 5 years
Year of renewal: 2019

Area Superintendent: Sid Faucette

School Leader: Tim Harris

Board President: Jean Nesbitt

A better future through better education is the right of every child. Benton Harbor Charter School Academy provides all children in the Benton Harbor community with the opportunities and resources to achieve greatness. The curriculum is demanding, yet provides for individual students to find his or her talents and strengths.

BHCSA recognizes that complete success cannot be achieved without the support and partnership of families. Teachers, parents, and staff work as a team to develop the path the student will take. Parents are encouraged to participate in the classroom and are a vital component in all school activities, as well as in creating a safe learning environment for all.

Website: www.bentonharborcharter.com
455 Riverview Dr., Benton Harbor, MI 49022
Phone: 269-925-3807 | Fax: 269-927-3673

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Bradford Academy


Grades: PreK – 12th
Current Enrollment (as of October 2015): 1500+
Authorizer: Bay Mills Community College
Year Established: 2003
Managed by Choice since: 2010
Number of Employees: 160+
Free & Reduced Lunch: 76%
Latest Charter Renewal (date): July 1, 2012
Granted for how many years: 4 years
Year of renewal: 2016

Area Superintendent: Chris Matheson

Established in 2003, Bradford Academy is a tuition-free public school serving children in grades K-12.

Bradford offers a Character Education Program, assessments of student learning styles, and highly qualified teachers. Outside of the classroom, Bradford offers K-4 athletic training and 5-12 athletic teams, robotics, future cities, Junior National and National Honor Society, and much more. Bradford Academy has much to offer students of all backgrounds and talents. At Bradford, all children are provided with the opportunities and resources to achieve academic success. Here, excellence in education and character is the expectation.

Website: www.bradfordacademy.com
24218 Garner St., Southfield, MI 48033
Phone: 248-351-0000 | Fax: 248-356-4770

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Dove Academy of Detroit


Grades: PreK – 8th
Current Enrollment (as of October 2015): 440+
Authorizer: Oakland University
Year Established: 1997
Managed by Choice since: 2013
Number of Employees: 45+
Free & Reduced Lunch: 97%
Year of renewal: 2022

Dove Academy, founded in 1997, is a tuition-free public charter school located in Detroit, Michigan.

The Academy is authorized by Oakland University, and currently serves over 400 K-8 children and their families. Its mission is to “educate all students so that they can effectively, efficiently and successfully communicate with others and are able to solve complex mathematical challenges.” To achieve this goal, the school’s curriculum places a strong emphasis on math and language skills. All other subjects – such as science, social studies, art, music and physical education – are supported by a solid foundation of literacy and mathematics.

Dove Academy also integrates both the “Character Counts” and “No Excuses University” programs into its curriculum, which focus on innovative, collegiate-themed instruction and teaches character skills that enable students to achieve greatness in all aspects of life. The success of these programs, along with the school’s rigorous, subject-based curriculum, has enabled the Academy to consistently meet the state of Michigan’s Annual Yearly Progress standards of education.

Website: www.doveacademy.net
Contact: 20001 Wexford St, Detroit, MI 48234
Phone: (313) 366-0100

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New Branches Charter Academy


Grades: PreK – 8th
Current Enrollment (as of Spring 2016): 250+
Authorizer: Central Michigan University
Year Established: 1994
Managed by Choice since: 2015
Number of Employees: 35+
Free & Reduced Lunch: 35%
Year of renewal: 2019

At New Branches Charter Academy our mission is to provide a positive learning environment, along with a rigorous academic and cultural program where our children learn to become healthy, responsible citizens, life-long learners, and world leaders.

New Branches Charter Academy, in partnership with educators, students, families and community stakeholders, closes the achievement gap and transforms the human culture by developing problem solvers and life-long learners who are fully prepared for high school, college, global economy careers, and world change.

Website: www.newbranches.org
Contact: 3662 Poinsettia Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508
Phone: 616-243-6221 | Fax: 616-243-0305

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West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science


Grades: PreK – 12th
Current Enrollment (as of October 2015): 670+
Authorizer: Central Michigan University
Year Established: 1995
Managed by Choice since: 2000
Number of Employees: 75+
Free & Reduced Lunch: 59%
Latest Charter Renewal (date): July 1, 2014
Granted for how many years: 7 years
Year of renewal: 2021

A 62-acre campus, featuring farmland, a working garden, nature trails, and a variety of ecosystems, all provide fertile ground for successful learning at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science.

With an emphasis on Environmental Education, the challenging accelerated program respects the differences in each child while demanding students strive to reach their academic and personal goals.

WMAES is one of the first six charter schools in Michigan, and Academy strives to provide an environment that will foster creativity, promote academic achievement and develop sound character and citizenship principles emphasizing responsibility to the environment and society.

Website: www.wma-es.com
Contact: 4463 Leonard NW, Walker, MI 49544
Phone: 616-791-7454 | Fax: 616-791-7453

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