Our Sister Company in Wyoming, MI

MIChoice, LLC is a charter school management company focused on charter school startups in Michigan. When Act 277 of the Michigan legislature expanded the prospect for new charter schools, the seed was planted to develop a sister company to work with Choice Schools Associates to help individuals and groups to bring their dream schools to life. MIChoice was founded in August 2012 as a charter school startup company in Michigan.

Partnership with Choice Schools Associates

MIChoice and Choice Schools Associates are family-owned businesses located in Grand Rapids, MI. Choice Schools Associates’ niche has always been the turnaround of existing charter schools. Choice Schools Associates enters management agreements only when the values of the Academy Board are aligned with the mission, values, and governance philosophy of the company. The mission of Choice Schools Associates has been to empower every child with knowledge, skills, character, and work ethic to achieve the American dream. “Fit” has always been the watchword of Choice Schools in deciding to enter and stay in a contract. Fit and integrity are the two absolutes of Choice Schools. MIChoice shares the same two absolute characteristics for a relationship to be established between MIChoice and the founders of a new charter school.

Starting Your Dream School

MIChoice welcomes the opportunity to work with founders, including parents and individuals within a community, who are fed up with their current school options and want to develop an effective school for their children. We are dedicated to developing effective new charter schools. Passionate, committed, enthusiastic, and motivated, we are eager to help similarly motivated founders to start their own charter schools. MIChoice can help with funding, selecting a building site, and attaining a charter.

Go Further with Choice Schools Associates

The partnership between sister companies works well because Choice Schools Associates provides management services for charter schools that have already been established. After MIChoice has helped to find your school, we can help with payroll, accounting, human resources, marketing, and other vital services for ensuring the success of your charter school. We even provide management tips and resources from industry experts. We help to continue the journey you begin with MIChoice. Contact us to learn more about how our partnership can help you to establish and grow your dream charter school.