School Management Services

Choice Schools Associates (CSA) works at the pleasure of the Academy Board of Directors to implement the goals of the Board and the guiding links of the charter. The management agreement will clearly stipulate the services that CSA will provide and the outcomes for which CSA expects to be held accountable. We also welcome and request an annual performance review so that the Board may assess CSA’s accomplishments.

As we endeavor to provide you with the most effective management services possible, we offer the full range and scope of functions for school operations.

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Start a School

So… You want to be a Founder and start a charter school in Michigan. MIChoice, LLC is the sister company of Choice Schools Associates, and focuses on charter school startups in Michigan. When Act 277 of the Michigan legislature expanded the prospect for new charter schools, the seed was planted to develop a sister company of Choice Schools Associates to work with individuals and groups who have a dream school to bring to life.  MIChoice was founded in August 2012 as a charter school startup company in Michigan. Read more about MIChoice here >

MIChoice seeks relationships with Founders and Founding Groups who have a dream school to bring to life. MIChoice is energized by the opportunity to work with Founders who are committed to egalitarian principles and to equal access and equal results for all children. Our decision to work with Founders is based on “fit.” Our conversations will be reciprocating discussions to be sure we make a good team, committed to the same principles and practices. MIChoice believes we have only one reason for trying to create another educational choice — improved, first class education for all children.

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