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MIChoice, LLC is the sister company of Choice Schools Associates, and MIChoice focuses on Montessori school startups in Michigan.

When Act 277 of the Michigan legislature expanded the prospect for new charter schools, the seed was planted to develop a sister company of Choice Schools Associates to work with individuals and groups who have a dream school to bring to life. MIChoice was founded in August 2012 as a charter school startup company in Michigan. Read more about MIChoice.

Passionate. Committed. Enthusiastic. Motivated.

If those four words describe your thoughts on education and today’s children, then you are in the right place! Together, Choice Schools Associates and MIChoice are devoted to bringing passionate, committed, enthusiastic, and motivated founding members on board by helping them to bring their dream school to life!

Finding the Right Fit

MIChoice is energized by the opportunity to work with founders who are committed to egalitarian principles and to equal access and equal results for all children. Our decision to work with founders is based on “fit.” Our conversations will be reciprocating discussions to be sure we make a good team and that we are committed to the same principles and practices. MIChoice believes we have only one reason for trying to create another educational choice—improved, first class education for all children. We believe all parents send us children that are ready and able to learn, and each is blessed with strengths, gifts, and talents. Together, we can make children’s lives better through partnerships with parents and communities.

So you are interested. That’s great! Below, you will find the first steps needed prior to the start of your dream school.

Attaining a Charter

How we can help…
Receiving a charter from a Michigan Authorizer can be a difficult and lengthy process. There are four agencies in which you can apply for a charter: a public university, a community college, an intermediate school district, or a local school district. We will consult with you to decide on the most suitable Authorizer for your desired school. For further support, MIChoice has an application writer who can write, co-author, rewrite, or revise the charter application at each phase of charter development. Additionally, we have a strong relationship with a Michigan law firm with extensive experience in preparation of charter contract documents.

Selecting a Location/Building Site

How we can help…

Finding a suitable building gets tougher every year due to the increase in charter schools statewide and due to the resistance of public schools to lease or sell vacated school buildings to charter schools. Start the hunt sooner rather than later. MIChoice will assist you in securing the appropriate square footage required to house the planned educational program, on enrollment projections for the selected area, and on the suitability of an area for a charter school. However, MIChoice is not interested in being the landlord for a charter school. We ethically struggle with the compromised governance relationship when the management company is the landlord, so we don’t lease property or finance buildings. Through our symbiotic relationship with Choice Schools Associates, we do have contacts within the school finance community.

In addition to MIChoice staff, we have a relationship with an experienced architect in charter school building studies, cost efficient plans, and working with the State Office of Fire Safety. We work closely with a law firm who has extensive experience in charter school law and building leases.

Securing Start-Up Funding

How we can help…

MIChoice will provide opportunities for founders to secure startup funding for a new charter school. MIChoice has a relationship with a Michigan-based bank that will make startup loans available. Founders and the Academy Boards are always welcome to secure startup funding from other sources.

The process is not necessarily an easy one, but our experienced team at Choice Schools Associates is here to help. Your dedication to changing the lives of students in your community will truly make all the difference.

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(Please note: MIChoice will not enter agreements where we sense any forms of racism, sexism, elitism, or extremism.)