Excellence is Choice Webinar Series


We’re so incredibly passionate about serving school Board Members & empowering Leadership teams. Our desire with each topic is to provide you a shortcut to success on all those subjects that matter most.

Join us in promoting an educated board member and leadership movement and gain relevant perspectives from qualified experts, all while discovering new and exciting ways that you can make a positive impact on your school community in a format that fits your busy lifestyle!

Who Should Attend: ALL School Board Members, ALL School Leadership/Principals/Heads of School, ALL Passionate People with Interest in School Operations

When: Webinars take place once a month, on Thursdays at 2pm EST.

Cost: Free (Yep, totally free!)

You will not want to miss this excellent line-up of presentations to help you give you the edge in all aspects of school leadership.

Join in. Gain perspective. Make a BIGGER impact!

Interested in attending ALL of our webinars?

June 22, 2017 

The Secret to Increasing Enrollment Starts with Knowing Your Customer

with Tonya Holcomb, Chief Communications Officer, Choice Schools Associates

July 20, 2017 

The Truth about Facility Financing: What You Must Know

with Adam Holcomb, Chief Financial Officer, Choice Schools Associates

August 3, 2017 

Five Keys to Working with Students of Poverty

with Chris Ruiter, Director of Educational Leadership, Choice Schools Associates

September 21, 2017 

Thinking Outside of the Box: 7 Creative Alternatives to Suspension

with Sarah Vanderbaan, Special Education Supervisor, Choice Schools Associates

October 19, 2017 

Trauma Informed Educational Practices: What Every Board Member Needs to Know

with Lisa Key, Area Superintendent, Choice Schools Associates

November 16, 2017 

You Know More than you think about Montessori - What is it really?

with Amanda KonopaskaCurriculum and Communications Specialist, Choice Schools Associates

December 14, 2017 

The Secret to Creating a Motivational and Positive School Culture

with Chris Ruiter, Director of Educational Leadership, Choice Schools Associates