About Choice Schools Associates

Choice Schools Associates is a school management company. We provide school management services such as human resources, accounting, payroll, marketing, and more to schools.

Our Mission & Vision

Mission: We partner with school communities, empowering and equipping them to fulfill their unique mission.

Vision: In our communities everyone thrives. #EveryoneThrivesHere

Our Standards

Choice always strives to meet three fundamental and unchanging standards:

  • Significantly improve students’ academic achievement
  • Delight parents and ensure high levels of satisfaction
  • Create a safe, secure learning environment

Choice Schools Associates customizes our services to meet the unique needs of each academy...

And then commit our resources and staff to serve the mission, goals and objectives of your Academy Board.

Operationally, Choice leases employees to Academy Boards. We employ only fully licensed and certified professional educators for leadership, faculty, and support staff positions. Our Choice teachers are 100% credentialed for their assignments, and Choice instructional aides hold bachelor’s degrees or higher.

We are proud to have a team of exceptional people who, like our founder, have a heart for children. Together, we provide services to children, parents, and families at every school we have been chosen to manage. This recognition, coupled with our emphasis on achievement of Academy Board goals and Choice standards, makes us truly unique. To learn more about what we do and why we do it, feel free to get to know us better on our FAQ page.