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Choice Legend: Kenesha Douglas

Choice Legend: Kenesha Douglas

Kenesha Douglas

A Choice Legend is someone who has worked with Choice Schools Associates for more than ten years, showed exemplary commitment and has a love for being part of students’ lives and their educational journeys.

They have been part of Choice growing into what it is today. We are grateful for their commitment and want to share their stories with you. They inspire us to continue living out our mission of partnering with school communities, empowering and equipping them to fulfill their unique mission.

“I don’t want any child to feel like they are not as good or not as worthy as someone else by what they are wearing or the hair that is or isn’t done,” Ms. Kenesha said. “If this means taking a little extra time to do the right thing by making a child feel pretty or confident in who they are by something as simple as combing their hair, then I will do it. It’s worth it.”

Currently in her fourth year at Macomb Montessori Academy as the office manager, Ms. Kenesha Douglas is no stranger to Detroit and its surrounding area. She graduated with honors from Crockett Magnet School (Detroit Public School) and attended one year at Detroit College of Business. Prior to working at MMA, she was an office manager for Global Preparatory Academy, which Choice Schools Associates also managed.

Before joining Choice Schools, she worked with a telemarketing company for 10 years where she realized she wasn’t being fulfilled. She decided to follow her heart which kept telling her to serve and help kids. So when she was hired as an office assistant in a school, it was a dream come true. Since finding Choice, she has not turned back and doesn’t plan to do anything else.

Kenesha’s role as an office manager is vital to MMA’s daily success. She works side by side with the head of school, Cheryl Paull, and together they create a dynamic duo that just flows. They understand each other and work together to put students first every day.

She handles the enrollment and re-enrollment processes, invoices, orders and maintains food service, completes compliance reporting, for the state and numerous other things that contribute to the success of the school.

In addition to this, she is usually the first person students see when they enter the building.

But, it goes farther than just greeting and saying hi. Her heart expands and lights up when kids walk in. There is a true passion and desire to make sure that every single child feels loved and accepted. Some students consider Ms. Kenesha their second mom because she makes sure that they feel safe, loved, fed, dressed and hair is done – sometimes all of these things are done at school by her!

“I have 233 kids,” Kenesha explained. “I can have 233 kids because I have the capacity and am willing to do whatever I need to do to make sure these kids are safe, feel loved and are in an environment where they can gain confidence. Being at MMA is a calling and one that I believe in.”

“Having the privilege to be at a place where I can make an impact on kids’ lives is rewarding. I want every day to count. I want to make a difference in a kid’s life every single day,” she continued.

Her capacity also reaches beyond the school day. She is the founder and starter of the Purity in Pink afterschool program. It is a program that matches mentors and mentees so that they can build self-awareness and confidence. Having this program allows her to mentor and build deeper relationships with some of the students.

Her work is a culmination of helping students thrive. Every day is different. Every day she gives 100%. Every day her work exemplifies the meaning of being a Choice Legend.

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