Careers: Choice Experience

There are many benefits to being a teacher within the Choice Family. Because we are a growing company, teachers are able to quickly climb the ladder to a position that best fits their skills and dreams. Choice Schools Associates manages schools across the state of Michigan, which makes finding a school near you even more possible!

The best part of being a teacher with Choice is knowing you are part of a family first, company second. We expect our educators to know and love their school and the surrounding community – making pride in their school’s education and vision a priority. Our teachers are held to a higher degree of responsibility, both in the classroom and outside. Retention and acquisition of our students is held both in the hands of our educators, as well as Choice’s. That is because, as a family, we are a team.



  • A collaborative and professional environment.
  • Access to state-of-the-art technology and other teaching resources.
  • Equal and ample opportunities for professional development and advancement including a state of the art leadership training program for teachers desiring to become school leaders.
  • Montessori training and certification for Montessori teachers.
  • Benefits program including health, dental, and vision.
  • 401K options.

  • Life Insurance.
  • Educational Assistance Program to help with the cost of furthering education.
  • Paid time off in addition to regularly scheduled holidays.
  • Leadership opportunities within the school community.
  • Performance-pay incentives.
  • Access to a network of nearly 500 teachers to collaborate with on various topics, using multiple channels of communication.

Character Choices Program

Choice’s Character Education Program

Our schools participate in the Character Choices Program which was created to help students develop their personal character, become lifelong learners and transform into quality citizens within their communities. Character Choices focuses on nine monthly traits, which are integrated into the curriculum throughout the entire year. Each trait is assigned a focus month to allow the students more time to delve into the true meaning of the trait.

What makes the Character Choices Program so unique? 

  • Helps develop social and academic behaviors 
  • Includes academic lessons that correspond with the traits
  • Covers nine different traits throughout the school year
  • Promotes parent and community involvement
  • Is adaptable for students of all ages 
  • Lessons are linked to Common Core Standards

Learn more about Character Choices here.


Positive Discipline Support Plan (PDSP)

As a system we are transitioning to the Positive Discipline Support Plan (PDSP) and away from Traditional Discipline. But why? PDSP is a Response to Intervention based discipline system that redirects the traditional discipline model from being punitive to becoming a constructive, character building, social skills based program. The tenets of Traditional Discipline were designed to put the utmost value on the ability to maintain order and instruction within the classroom, and PDSP is no different. The core mission is the same, however PDSP puts the effort into school-wide prevention and tiered intervention as opposed to a punitive system. Learn more here.


“I am fortunate to work with an amazing staff that creates an environment that fosters both education and personal growth for each individual student.”
Ali DuBois, Head of School, Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change
“Choice Schools Associates offers professionals a chance for growth, autonomy and leadership. People are more than just employees, they are members of a team who are truly cared about. An exemplary company to work for!”
Kelly KieselbachKindergarten Montessori TeacherCreative Montessori Academy
“Choice Schools is a company that truly believes in every child achieving the American dream, and they will do whatever it takes to make sure it is happening. I love coming into work every day because I know that we are making an impact on our students inside and outside the classroom.”
Justin HauserMiddle School Vice PrincipalBradford Academy

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