Our Values: Expecting Greatness

Choice Schools Associates - THRIVE TALKS - Expecting Greatness


At Choice Schools, expecting greatness is one of our core values​​​​​​​.

Our student-centric philosophy sets our course to greatness, allowing you to thrive. Our organization recognizes the importance of respecting everyone’s journey to personal and professional success. Collectively, we continue to pursue and implement the best solutions for the students. We aren’t afraid to fail forward as we journey toward greatness.​​​​​​​

Click here to hear Sarah Wildey, CEO of Choice Schools Associates, talk about what it means to be on the journey to greatness.

What does it mean to expect greatness at your school? Take some time to think about what it means to hold each other accountable for doing our best work, pushing one another to grow and reach beyond our perceived limitations. Share an example with us by replying to this email to be entered to win cool swag!

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