People of Choice – Lisa Key

Lisa Key

For today’s #PeopleofChoice we are spotlighting Lisa Key!

Lisa is our Area Superintendent for Dove Academy of Detroit, Bradford Academy, and Macomb Montessori Academy. She has been apart of the Choice Schools team for three years!

What is your favorite part about working at Choice?
My favorite part about working for Choice Schools is that we are a family. Choice sees you as more than just their employee, but they also care about you as a person and care about your families.

What is a fun fact about you?
During my first leadership experience, my assistant principal was a former teacher of Stevie Wonder’s at the school for the blind. At that time, they did not understand the blind culture, for instance, head and body movements, so they tried to tell little Stevie to sit still. They thought he was “hyper”. Little did they know, it was how he kept his balance and his “rhythm”. He still moves his head that way to this day. Who knew! I always keep that in mind as I try to understand our students and their behaviors.

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