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It’s no secret, charter schools are changing kids’ lives across the nation. Now more than ever, board members and school leaders are seeking resources to take their school to that next level of greatness. That’s why we are here. To connect you to the information you need most in a format that meets the demands of your busy schedule.

On Charter School PEPTalks, you’ll hear from key influencers and industry experts on various topics that affect the daily operations of your school. Our only goal is to empower you to keep doing things differently - after all, that’s why you exist in the first place, right? To offer something different than the rest? To be laser sharp focus in your mission, values, brand and identity?

But let’s be real.

Too often, your school’s dream gets lost in the day to day “business” of running a school. And even in a world of an abundance of information with a quick Google search, it’s still challenging to know what to trust. What’s legit. What’s really going to help you make sense of it all.

Here, you’ll find yourself surrounded by names you know, people who get your struggles and your desires for your school. People who have been there and done that. 

Every week, you’ll be connected to insider information that could very well be the gamechanger in simplifying your journey. You’ll wrap up each session, fired up, empowered and connected.

You may be swimming in a big pond, with lots of competition, but your school is needed and it exists for a reason. Let’s get back on track. Get you rooted in your mission, and help simplify the business aspect.


About Your Host


Mike has a true passion for charter schools and parental choice. With knowledge in all aspects of charter school operations, Mike is a natural at connecting with fellow industry experts and leaders. Mike believes in the saying that a “rising tide raises all boats,” only he would add “including the little ones”. That’s why he’s on a mission to provide a platform to empower ALL board members and school leaders to take their school to the next level - no matter their story, size, obstacles or opportunities. Mike’s passion for charter schools runs deep in his veins… His father-in-law, Sid Faucette, was an integral player during the beginning of school of choice in Michigan and continues to be part of the charter school movement today, and his wife, Sarah Wildey, is the CEO/President of Choice Schools Associates. Most recently, Mike co-founded MAST Financial Group (a charter school resource for financial and business services) and serves as MAST’s Chief Operations Officer.

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