School Leadership Institute



The School Leadership Institute (SLI) is the only program of its kind. We have seen tremendous personal and professional growth take place throughout the one-year timeframe.

By joining this professional learning network, you’ll develop a keen understanding of what it really means to be an effective school leader in today’s world. Each month, you’ll hear from experts in the field and add a wealth of “real life” tools to your leadership toolkit that will position you as a high performing, immensely successful, results-driven, sought out leader.  

A School’s Success Story Begins and Ends with Great Leaders

There has never been a greater demand for accomplished school leaders who truly understand each of the delicate intricacies of achieving the many goals beyond academic achievement. The truth is, you no longer have the luxury of time to figure it out. From the moment you step into a school leader’s role, you’re fully expected to deliver results on every level. You have not just hundreds of students to answer to, but parents, board members and your staff counting on you to drive the results, to set the pace and to gracefully handle every bump that comes up along the way. From owning academic achievement to crisis management and difficult conversations to navigating the political landscape and ever-changing demands of the parents that you serve. The SLI experience will equip you for success.

The School Leadership Institute is designed to prepare you for this full throttle launch into leadership. The training provides real life, applicable, insider information on how to THRIVE as a school leader in today’s world.

“Great schools have great principals. Period… The School Leadership Institute offers the aspiring school leader a unique opportunity to prepare for the rigors of leading schools to success.”

– Sid Faucette, Facilitator


  • School leaders in the early stages of their principalship
  • Educators anticipating a leadership position over the next one to two years
  • Members of the school community who plan to enter leadership roles, including department heads, assistant principals, curriculum coordinators and other members of the school community interested in expanding their leadership skills as it relates to the role of becoming a principal

This program is designed for highly motivated, driven individuals who are passionate about evolving their leadership skills and experiencing significant personal growth.

WHEN: September 2018 - May 2019

WHERE: Lansing Community College University Center


“Dr. Faucette has a vast knowledge regarding what it takes to lead and educate students of all backgrounds. Through his leadership, I was able to build a strong foundation in the core principles of leading a school. Dr. Faucette uses his experience in leading to help grow future leaders.” – Kerri Barrett


You’ll receive an intensive yearlong training to prepare you for a leadership role at your school, support from a community of like-minded, driven individuals and tremendous personal growth.  

$500.00 with SCECHs

Note: You are encouraged to check with your school to see if they offer tuition-reimbursement or a sponsorship.