Your School is More Montessori than You Think

Thursday, on November 2 at 2pm

Did you know?

  • A carefully prepared learning environment aids in self-discipline and intrinsic motivation.
  • Children can work where they are comfortable and often have a choice between working alone or working with a group.
  • Learning is reinforced internally through the child’s own repetition of an activity and internal feelings of success.

Keeping these simple ideas in mind as well as others shared in this webinar will help you to take a deeper look at why Montessori classrooms have proven to be so successful.

Join Amanda Konopaska, Montessori Curriculum and Communications Specialist and frequent Montessori Rocks blogger, on Thursday, on November 2 at 2pm to learn more about five principles that are typical in a Montessori setting… and you might just discover that YOUR SCHOOLS IS MORE MONTESSORI THAN YOU THINK.