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Family first, Company second.

Choice School Associates provides local communities with a high quality educational experience for students, parents and staff.

As a company, we value children becoming responsible citizens through ownership of excellence, service and results. We see learning as the essence of the human experience while leading one another with honor, integrity, respect and trust. We teach our Choice family and students the value of fellowship through meaning, dignity and sense of community.

Choice Schools Associates has succeeded in the turnaround of existing charter schools for almost 20 years. CSA customizes services to meet the unique needs of each academy to ensure that the Board of Directors’ vision is carried out. We believe in the implementation of the Pillars of Excellence as we diligently work to turn our academies into high achieving schools. Using the age-old model of Accelerated Schools, Choice academies are passionate about differentiating instruction so all children can progress academically.

Whether you choose to work within our Choice Academies as an educator or within the Choice Central Office, our staff is provided with a collaborative environment where our employees are encouraged to reach their fullest potential within and outside of their role. Shared decision making is important to achieving Choice and respective Academies’ missions, goals, and objectives.

We require federal and state criminal background checks of all potential employees as well as certification of professional conduct from former employers. Our transportation professionals are required to undergo drug screenings and physicals.

We welcome you to explore all opportunities Choice and our respectable Academies have to offer – perhaps there is a position waiting for you!

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Thank you for your interest in Choice. The care and education of the children in our academies is a sacred trust. Choice is committed to staffing its building with highly qualified employees who are entrusted to fulfill the company’s mission which is “to empower every child with knowledge, skills, character, and work ethic to achieve the American Dream.”

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