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School Management

Choice Schools Associates is a comprehensive school management company. We work with schools to provide customized, hands-on services in areas such as accounting, human resources, marketing, payroll and more. We offer a full range of functions specific to school operations, and we work directly with the Board of every school to serve each school’s particular goals, objectives and missions.

Welcome to Choice School Associates

Our local, full-service management company excels at turning around schools who may be having issues with finances, human resources, or recruitment. Our dedicated team will customize our company’s services to fit every school’s needs and will always be on-site to provide support. We work in conjunction with School Boards and make decisions based on the visions of Board members who have struggled to implement their goals. We are truly committed to fulfilling each Board’s mission and will always make decisions based on the best interests of the children. Our ultimate mission is to partner with school communities, empowering and equipping them to fulfill their unique mission.

Our Services

Schools hire us to take over the full scope of their management services. We operate according to the wants of the Board while working to implement the goals outlined by the board. After executing a clear and direct management agreement, we will work to fulfill our obligations as outlined in the agreement and will be held accountable through an annual performance review led by the Board. In addition, if you’re in the initial stages of starting a charter school we can help bring your dream school to reality.

Our Team

We are a family-owned company that has been operating in Michigan for more than two decades. Our team members are passionate about helping the children and schools they serve to achieve their dreams. We have extensive expertise in all facets of running and operating a school, and we are singularly focused on creating perfect conditions for academic and personal success for children. We are also committed to developing our individual team needs by maintaining meaningful relationships with one another.