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Within Our Schools

Support Staff

Our support staff is characterized by a strong work ethic, dedication to creating an environment conducive to academic learning and personal growth, and loyalty to go above and beyond the job description. Support staff positions include: Playground Aide, Teacher’s Aide, Office Professional, Child Care Assistant, Food Service Aide, Maintenance, and Transportation. While the majority of our Teacher Assistant are certified to teach in the State of Michigan, the basic requirement is a two-year degree from a college or university. Bus drivers are required to have a current Michigan Commercial Driver’s License with Passenger and Air Brakes endorsements.


The educators involved with Choice Schools believe in the philosophy that all children are capable of learning – this is what makes our teachers one-of-a-kind! The teaching staff at our Academies are professionals to the highest degree, using various teaching methodologies to educate and interact with all students regardless of their learning styles. We pride ourselves on selecting educators that value children and their capabilities, as well as valuing the commitment and dedication to making their classrooms and Academies the safest and most learning conductive environments possible. All teachers, including Montessori, must have a valid State of Michigan teaching certificate. All Montessori educators are further trained in Montessori methodologies.

School Leaders

Our School Leaders are the professional leaders of our Academies. By creating excellent conditions for working and learning, our Leaders are able to improve student achievement, parent involvement and community support. School Leaders employed through Choice Schools are selected due to their advancements in the field of education, as well as their overall demeanor towards the successfulness of their students. The essential performance responsibilities of our school leaders expand beyond school development. Additional responsibilities include supervising student progress and working hand-in-hand with student achievement, building community relations – such as universities – to ensure our students are receiving an education that will create lifelong learners. Our School Leaders must obtain a certification in Michigan School Administration, or are enrolled in a program leading to School Administrator certification.

Within Our Walls

Human Resources

The Human Resources (HR) department within Choice Schools Associates is a team built of hardworking and dedicated employees. Serving as a liaison between staff and corporate departments, HR is responsible for creating compliance for all employed Choice employees.

Marketing and Communications

The Marketing and Communication (MC) department is responsible for handling all communication for both Choice and our Academies. Marketing for Choice Schools and our Academies is also handled through this department. Our MC team is comprised of employees who are hard working, self-driven, and deadline oriented. They are also the creative minds behind all of Choice’s and Academies’ social media, websites, and community awareness. Marketing and Communications works closely with all Academies to ensure that student retention and acquisition are at the forefront, leading to positive student growth.


Managing financial functions and preparing state and federal grants for the Academies is a responsibility of the Finance department. Finance assists in the development and administration of the budgets, monthly financial reports, payroll and benefits program, taxes, and seeks avenues for additional funding from private sources and foundations.

Curriculum and Instruction

Assuring that our Academies are teaching to the highest degree, the Curriculum and Instruction (CI) department implements an effective curriculum alignment process and prepares students for taking state standardizes tests. CI develops, communicates, and implements an effective student progress reporting system, and communicates student progress to the Board through the Principal.

Area Superintendents

With all of our schools, there is a Board, and every Board has a vision. Our Board Liaisons carryout the visions of our Board members, making our schools a true representation of the visions and beliefs they were founded on. Board liaisons also develop an accountability model with the approved charter, and implement the Code of Student Conduct to ensure proper conditions for teaching and learning, and for safe buildings and grounds. The Board Liaisons at Choice Schools, seek to ensure that all aspects of the schools are working together. This includes the administration, staff, parents, and Board Members.

Student Services

The student services department for Choice Schools works to provide quality support to the staff and students in our schools.  The department ensures that each school follows specific procedures and protocols in the area of special education and discipline.  They also support school leaders with resources and tools to ensure that the individual needs of students are being met at each building while ensuring that the building stays compliant with the laws and rules with the state.

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