Communications and Development

How We Can Support Your School

  • Develop and carry out a year-round marketing and communications plan aligned with the board’s retention and recruitment growth goals. 
  • Coach and empower school leaders to be excellent relationship builders, storytellers and communicators, creating a culture of belonging. 
  • Assist school leaders with parent/guardian communications, including weekly newsletters, quarterly updates, monthly board updates, emergency and crisis communications, and so much more. 
  • Write stories that share the unique purpose of the school, helping school leaders retain and attract families that align with the school’s unique mission
  • Create and maintain the school's brand perception through purposeful messaging, creative visuals, and a cohesive strategy that allows the retention and recruitment plan to come to life. *Graphic design and website hosting services are in addition to our contract, but we work as a team to bring it all together.
  • Empower and equip the school schools to advocate for their students and build relationships with their local, state and national government. 
  • Streamline parent and student communication, providing expertise, structure, and overall best practices for embracing a culture of frequent communication, especially via email, messaging platforms and social media channels.
  • Install and manage the streamlined, automated, and user-friendly process and experience for enrolling and re-enrolling students using the PowerSchool Enrollment system.
  • Root the enrollment process in experiences by creating an enrollment journey for both new and returning families on a yearly basis. 
  • Work with school leadership and a web developer to build and maintain a high-quality website that’s both appealing and useful to both current and prospective families.
  • Assist school leaders with installing proper signage and carrying out beautification planning and implementation, both inside and outside the building, to ensure a pleasing appearance from a student, parent and staff perspective.
  • Assist and support school leaders to carry out successful community, retention and recruitment events, including Kindergarten Round-Ups, Ribbon Cuttings, Grade-Level meet ups, Orientations, etc. 
  • Provide school leaders with market research and competitor analysis on an ongoing basis.

Meet Our Communications Team


Sara Mooney
Chief Communications and Development Officer

Matt Witkowski

Matt Witkowski
Director of School


Nicole Hahn
Communications Brand

Kelsey Lewis

Kelsey Peterson
Strategic Communications

Bayleigh Ivan

Bayleigh Ivan
Graphic Designer