How We Can Support Your School

  • Be readily accessible and responsive to the board of directors. Choice strives to have an area superintendent at each board meeting to answer questions and provide direction. Area superintendents have sound working knowledge of board policy and best practices in the field of education. Additionally, central office staff endeavors to reply to all emails and responses for information within twenty-four business hours creating an open and constant flow of information between the academy board and Choice.
  • Ensure board meetings are compliant with the Open Meetings Act, the academy’s bylaws, and the charter authorizer’s expectations.
  • Assist in agenda and agenda packet preparation at the request of the board. Choice’s standard is to provide all board members with agendas and complete packets, including monthly financial reports, five to seven days before their board meeting.
  • Bring governance issues to the board in a timely manner to ensure that the board is able to fulfill its ethical, contractual, and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Work with academy legal counsel to ensure that disciplinary hearings are held without bias and in compliance with the federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Partner with the National Charter Schools Institute to assist academy boards desiring the creation of a current Board Policy Manual, and administrative guidelines and forms for school staff
  • Assist the board in strategic planning and development of the academy’s vision and goals for the future.
  • Assist the board with the submission of contractual or state-mandated documents for compliance.