The Academy believes that a vertically and horizontally aligned curriculum is the key to driving positive student academic growth. For this reason, the Academy will utilize Amplify’s Core Knowledge Language Arts series  and Expeditionary Learning for its language arts curriculum. These combined programs incorporate reading, writing, listening, and thinking skills into its lessons and were designed with college and career readiness in mind, thus meeting the requirements of the Michigan K-12 Standards.

Additionally, the Academy will use Eureka Math by Great Minds for mathematics instruction, which is a fully aligned curriculum that teaches students to utilize problem-solving and critical thinking skills within its math lessons. According to, a nonprofit group that rates curriculum materials, both curriculums that have been chosen rank at the top of the scale for alignment to standards, text quality, building knowledge, and usability.

Additionally, the Academy will focus on the new state standards and expectations for its Science and Social Studies curriculums. Training and workshops for staff in the newly adopted Next Generation Science Standards and the C3 Standards for Social Studies will help to assure that the staff are equipped to provide high-quality instruction in these areas.