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We believe that student achievement is the sum of all components of a school, creating a seamless system for all. Choice Schools views the school leader of the academy as the executive director who is charged with carrying out the vision of the academy board. We see ourselves as a fundamental piece of the school’s sturdy foundation and as a strategic partner to the school leader. We are a collaborative partner of the school leader, charged with making the articulated mission and vision of the school a reality. 

We provide all of the resources to our schools to ensure a successful, efficient, and meaningful operation. Similar to a traditional public school’s superintendent office, we help execute all support services. The school budget is created as an instructional spending plan, in which every dollar spent contributes to student achievement. Teachers and staff are fully engaged and held accountable so they too can own the results of the school as a whole, rather than in segmented parts. All decisions are made with a whole-child, student-focused lens.

The transition to full-service management is smooth. We have a sound process and system in place to easily transition your school to our management. As an organization that values people - the people we employ, the families we serve, the students we educate, and the boards we partner with, the transition process is also rooted in people. We take pride in our ability to communicate the transition while caring deeply for the individuals and families within your organization. 

What to know as you begin the transition toward full-service management with Choice Schools 

  • Send a Request For Proposal
    • This step is legally required for all public school contracts. Here is a sample Request For Proposal.
  • Set up a consultation with Choice Schools 
    • We will listen to you to learn about your vision for the school, what your needs are, how we can partner with you, and so much more!
  • Schedule a presentation with our leadership team
    • Choice will be happy to present to your school community how we can serve your unique needs during a board meeting.
  • Discuss alignment with the school board
    • Discuss with your Board regarding next steps and if you’d like to partner with us. 
  • Start to build a relationship with Choice
    • Choice will schedule meet & greets with the board members, staff, teachers and families to start building relationships with Choice Schools! 
  • You choose us! 
    • Choice Schools become your partner in success! 

Do you have questions about this process, or want to know more about working with Choice? Complete the Choice Schools Interest form and a Choice Schools representative will be in touch with you shortly! 

It is our mission to provide you with the most effective school management services possible. From marketing to finance to teacher development and everything in between, our staff of highly skilled, talented, and resourceful individuals are available to assist with any issues that your will school may face.