Staff Spotlighting Staff: Samantha Salyers and Darlene Grandstaff, Battle Creek Montessori Academy

Ms. Samantha Salyers and Ms. Darlene Grandstaff were nominated by Ms. Jes as Choice Schools Associates’ Staff Spotlighting Staff feature! These ladies have both worked in various capacities at the school for the past three years.

Sam and Darlene live out teamwork daily here at Battle Creek Montessori Academy,” said School Leader Jessica Eldridge. “Every day they come into the building with the mindset of how they can help make the day better. Sam and Darlene are a package deal here at BCMA. We call them double trouble, but in reality, they are double helpful. They come into the building with the intention to help make the day go smoother for the adults which, in turn, allows the students to thrive. They will do whatever it takes to make someone’s job easier from making copies to running out to get cough drops. They do all of this with a sense of humor and a love of community.”

How long have you been at BCMA? What have your titles/roles been in that time?

Sam: I have worked at BCMA since December 20, 2018 (3 years). I am a school bus driver, a recess aid and a custodian. Along with running errands for my staff members.

Darlene:  I have been working at BCMA for about 3 years as a child care worker, lunch, recess and bus aide. 

Why do you love BCMA?

Sam: The environment is always friendly and inviting, and I love seeing all of the kids smiling faces every day. My favorite job is driving the bus!

Darlene: Growing up, I didn’t have the best school or home life and always felt like no one cared. If my teachers would have shown me the care, love and understanding that the staff at BCMA shows all of the students,I know I would have loved school and it would have been a better experience.

What does teamwork mean to you? 

Sam: Teamwork is working together to get the job done correctly and make the day go better for everyone. 

Darlene: Teamwork is supporting others to make everyone’s job easier.

Why is teamwork important?

Sam: It’s important because if there is no teamwork then nothing goes right for the rest of the day.

Darlene: I strive every day to help or impact someone’s life in some small way and hopefully it gives someone the love, hope and positive outlook that I never really had as a child. 

Why do you choose to help each other and others? 

Sam: I was brought up to help others and to make everyone’s lives better. It also makes everyone feel appreciated and it feels good to help others.

Darlene: I want our students and staff to realize someone always cares about them – that’s why I’m so proud to be a part of the BCMA team. We help each other and help our students. 

Do you think students are watching your actions and learning from you? 

Sam: Yes, we lead by example – if you watch someone help someone else they will also help each other at school and at home.

Darlene: I believe students see our efforts and see how a team works and how to treat others.

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  1. Sam is my granddaughter and because of her I met Darlene. I am proud of them both. It is nice that they have received this recognition.

  2. So proud of both of these women. They are an important part of each student’s day and through their dedication they make each day a little brighter for the staff and students.

  3. Me Sam and Ms Darlene are amazing! Both ladies are so helpful and kind and are always ready to lend a helping hand, a shoulder to cry on, or a joke to make you laugh. BCMA is a better place because of them! ❤️