Celebrating Our 15 Year Anniversaries At Choice Schools

On behalf of all Central Office teams, thank you for your passion and devotion to your schools each and every day! We are proud to support champions like you who know, love, and inspire your communities. In addition to honoring all our amazing staff of this week, we are celebrating our employees who are commemorating 15 years with Choice! Scroll to see all the names of our wonderful staff who are celebrating half a decade with Choice, and be sure to give a shout-out to anyone you know!

Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

  • Janelle Harris
  • Valerie Young

Creative Montessori Academy

  • Rebecca Goins
  • Laura Grefke
  • Debra Myles
  • Carrie Simpson

New Branches Charter Academy

  • Teresa Larkin

Three Oaks Public School Academy

  • Rodney Anderson
  • Lynne Blanchard
  • Oneka Curry
  • Cindy Kersting

West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science

  • Andrea Hammond
  • Marlo Silveira