Celebrating Montessori Education Week

Happy Montessori Education Week! The last week of February honors Dr. Maria Montessori and the lasting innovation she brings to the education space today. At Choice Schools, we are grateful for this philosophy of learning that fosters exploration, empowerment and independence. Everyday at our Montessori schools we celebrate the uniqueness of the model and the benefits it offers to every child. See how our schools live out the Montessori philosophy everyday!

At BCMA, we understand that a unique learning experience is a priority. Through the Montessori style of teaching, our students are able to learn through discovery in an environment that promotes interest, exploration, freedom and curiosity.


At CMA, we allow children to explore the world and build problem-solving skills. We foster a sense of community through service-learning, athletics and extra-curricular opportunities. We work to prepare our students for high school and college.

CMA Students posing for a picture together in the classroom, working on a project on the floor.


FCMA embraces the philosophies of the inner guidance, freedom of self-directed learning, multi-age grouping, observation and indirect teaching, absorbent mind and curriculum center. Children can learn well from and with peers within collaborative learning, and we learn best when our learning is situated in meaningful contexts and when we feel a sense of choice and control. 

FCMA students working on a project together in the chemistry class


At MMA, we view the child holistically, valuing cognitive, psychological, social and spiritual development. Every child is an active participant in learning, which allows them to move about and respectfully explore the classroom environment.

MNMA student workin on Montessori projects in the classroom.


We hope you feel inspired to incorporate hands-on learning into your classrooms everyday!