Celebrating 20 Years of Service – Mrs. Heather Pruski

Teacher Appreciation Week is every week at Choice Schools, especially when we’re celebrating significant milestones such as 20 years of service at WMAES!


We are always honored to commemorate anniversaries of staff who have devoted years of talent and growth to our schools, and this year we would like to give special thanks to Ms. Heather Pruski at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science. This year marks Mrs. Pruski’s 20th year with the school, two decades of love, passion, dedication and energy poured into every student and fellow staff member. We reached out to Mrs. Pruski to reflect on her years of growth and memories with Choice Schools.


“WMAES has changed a great deal in the past 20 years,” said Mrs. Pruski, when asked about her time with the school. “When I started here, I remember our first graduating class was one student. While the landscape has changed, the core of WMAES hasn’t. It’s the same student-centered family where we support one another and appreciate each other’s uniqueness.”


She is proud to be a part of the Choice Schools community, especially at the beginning of the WMAES and Choice Partnership. Not only has Mrs. Pruski seen growth in the size and amenities at WMAES, but she has experienced tremendous growth in her students.


“For aspiring teachers, I would say that WMAES offers an opportunity that few are fortunate to get. The greatest gifts in life are not material, but the experiences and memories you have,” said Mrs. Pruski.


Thank you, Mrs. Pruski for all you’ve done, and all that you continue to do to transform the lives of students in your years with West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science!