Celebrating 5 Year Anniversaries with Choice Schools Associates in 2023

5 Year Anniversaries at Choice Schools Associates Celebration Web-Safe Graphic Image

On behalf of all Central Office, thank you for your passion and devotion to your schools each and every day! We are honored to support champions like you who know, love and inspire your communities. In addition to highlighting all our amazing staff this week, we are celebrating our employees who are commemorating 5 years with Choice! Scroll to see all names of our wonderful staff who are celebrating half a decade with us, and be sure to give a shout-out to anyone you know!


Battle Creek Montessori Academy

  • Brad Hendrickson
  • Denise Ingle
  • Monique Rainke
  • Samantha Salyers


Benton Harbor Charter School Academy

  • Thelma Caldwell
  • Yolanda Isom
  • Doris Sanders
  • Daniel West


Bradford Academy

  • Magdalene Alston
  • Christina Bail
  • Ruth Betts
  • Lisa Bortz
  • Katrina Burnette
  • Robert Cairns
  • Allen Davis
  • Beverly Duncombe
  • Roidale France-Flood
  • Rebecca Israilov
  • Elisie Robinson
  • Jason Veitch
  • Robert Zelinski


Creative Montessori Academy

  • Paula Rhodes
  • Holly Sysol


Dove Academy of Detroit

  • Lakeshia Dickinson


Four Corners Montessori Academy

  • Carrie Albright 
  • Anastasia Collins
  • Mikaela Kolka
  • Tanja Kurtovic
  • Erica Scott


Macomb Montessori Academy

  • Gail Gerdan
  • Linda Kirkwood-Brown
  • Anne Parks


New Branches Charter Academy

  • Biella Mancha 


Second Home Child Development Center

  • Francine Whitney
  • Giangthuy Nguyen


Three Oaks Public School Academy

  • Jennifer Dombrowski
  • Carina Freeman
  • Samantha Frizzle
  • Jerri Hitts
  • Andre Johnson


West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science

  • Gerald Smolka
  • Jamie Stewart
  • Meghan Wilcome


Will Carleton Academy* (please note that many of the employees listed below are celebrating employment anniversaries with Will Carleton Academy, as they celebrated their 25th anniversary this year)

  • Renee Arnold
  • Cheryl Balcom
  • Michelle Carpenter
  • Jason Coward
  • Angela Draper
  • David Duncan
  • Julie Duncan
  • Laurie Foust
  • Kimberly Henes
  • Richard Kelemen
  • Rachel Kies
  • Garvin Kruse
  • Autumn Moore
  • Sandra Pooley
  • Michelle Rogers
  • April Stark
  • Carla Stewart
  • Colleen Vogt
  • Christina Watkins

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week is about more than anniversaries, it’s about recognizing the incredible work going on in every classroom at our schools. Thank you to all of our teachers and staff for continuing to transform the lives of their students year after year, and check out our school’s social media pages to see how they are celebrating Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week.