Choice Schools Associates Hosted the 2023 Environmental Conference

Choice Schools Associates hosted its first Environmental Model Conference at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Model conferences are a great chance for instructional staff to engage with new material and collaborate with one another. Not only does this bring our network of environmental enthusiasts together, it aligns with our core value of servant leadership. Choice Schools Associates is proud to bring professional development opportunities like this to our staff, and we want to thank both our attendees and our range of speakers from superintendents to the Van Andel Institute.

Instructional staff from our three environmental schools came together and spent their time in breakout sessions that ranged from financial strategy to environmental resources and more! Several speakers including members of our central office, education professionals from the Van Andel Institute provided training, and we were so excited to see our environmental staff share this learning experience.


The notes and comments left by those in attendance indicated they are already excited for another Environmental conference next year! Subscribe to our blog and follow us on social media to see how we stay at the forefront of education.