Choice Serves 2023 – at Bradford Academy

Earlier this month, approximately 25 team members from our Central Office participated in our annual Choice Serves Day at Bradford Academy. Choice Serves is an annual event in which members of our Central Office team volunteer their time, reflecting our commitment to giving back to the communities we hold close. 


Photograph of the Choice Schools Associates team working at Bradford Academy during the Choice Serves event

This year, we volunteered at Bradford Academy in Southfield, MI. We worked on various projects, including a fantastic mural wall with a design dreamt up by the Bradford team, organization of new teachers’ rooms, weeding the flowerbeds, painting the High School entrance walls, and spreading mulch, all in preparation for the upcoming school year. 

          Photograph of the Choice Schools Associates team painting a mural at Bradford Academy for Choice Serves          Photograph of the Mural painted by Choice Schools Associates at the Choice Serves 2023 event.

Choice Schools Superintendent Cheryl Paull said, “We deeply appreciate having the extra hands right before school starts to ensure our campus is ready for students and staff to return. The work of the team members goes above and beyond, and we hope that this day brings everyone together for a great cause.”

We look forward to continuing to serve our schools all year long and are grateful for the opportunity to partner for the success of Bradford Academy. 

Jason Veitch, Bradford Academy K-8 Principal, shared that his staff was excited when they learned that the Central Office was going to come to their school and help with spreading mulch and weeding. He knows how much his maintenance team cares for the campus, and having the extra hands really makes a big difference. 

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