Congratulations to Ron Wiens on his retirement

Thank you, Ron

Choice Schools Associates “anchor” Ron Wiens is officially retiring after 15 years of incredible service to this organization. Ron is a household name here and his passion, knowledge and love for education will truly be missed. 

 In order to celebrate Ron, we were able to sit down and ask a few questions before he moves into retirement.   

CHOICE: Ron, again thank you for taking a few moments with us before officially retiring from an amazing career. Can you share with us what your driving motivator was over all of these years?

Ron: LOVE. I began this important work out of love. I should say, “We” because my beloved wife Kathy was with me all the way, encouraging me, helping me, and making great muffins and face masks ….

 My life’s mission is helping children – all of my past work was in that arena. I fell in love with Choice Schools’ when I served on the board of Creative Montessori Academy and witnessed all of the great things the students and staff were doing.  

Something inside me said I needed to be part of it. I’m grateful for this opportunity for allowing me to find my true calling. This organization’s leadership saw my potential and gifts to serve others. I’m grateful for the opportunities to serve in ways that I never ever dreamed of.

CHOICE: You’ve done so much for this organization. Choice Schools Associates CEO, Sarah Wildey said, “What Ron cares about is you. He cares that you are happy, healthy, confident, and balanced. He cares that you remember to live a life of no regrets and that your life has meaning. He cares about you.” What will you remember the most about your time with Choice?

Ron: You know, I fell in love with Choice all over again when Sarah Wildey became the CEO and together we transformed our organization to a thriving one with a new mission, values, and awesome goals.  

And I fell in love with all of you – MY TEAM – whose tireless efforts to help our students were never lost in my view. I am thankful to have been blessed to work at an organization and with a great team that made me a better person. 

CHOICE: What advice do you have for the Choice Schools’ Family?

 Ron: Love changes us. Please let the love for the children change you and grow you in ways you never dreamed of. You are working at the best organization serving students – it has the right mission and values and is family-based. Let that encourage you when you are deep in the weeds on a project and wonder if it is worth it. IT IS.

CHOICE: Any final thoughts? 

Ron: Many of you know that I officiate track meets for the USATF and MHSAA. I always look forward to watching the relay races. Passing of the baton – critical for success of every team – must be done in the relay zone, the baton must cross the finish line – it’s not about the runner, it’s about what the runner is carrying and moving forward – the baton or the responsibility.

CHOICE: Ron, you mean more to this organization than you know, thank you. Regardless of where you may live or how your role may be different, your legacy is part of our past, present, and future. You are family, Ron.  And we are so grateful for you.   

Ron: Thank you. I love and wish you all the best!