Earth Week at Choice Schools

Earth Week at Choice Schools

All year long, our schools participate in projects and work that positively promote and support the environment around them. Still, each of our schools takes Earth Week as an opportunity to really celebrate and bring attention to this work that is so important.

Take a moment this week to think of a way you can give back to the environment!

Check out the amazing activities our students have going on this week, and please feel free to incorporate these resources into your learning this week!:

Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change

All week long, students will participate in different initiatives from clean up to youth summits to further expand their knowledge and footprint in helping the environment!

Kids Food Basket Garden:
Youth Climate Summit:
Climate Change Read-Alouds:
Sustainability lessons:
Campus Clean-Up Day:
Recycling/Reusing Art Projects:

West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science

Monday April 19: Virtual Earth Week Kick-Off Assembly
Save the Trees Project! Let’s see who can waste the LEAST amount of paper during Earth Week.

  1. Save all your used paper in your recycling bin.
  2. Friday at 8:15 am, we will have a recycling bin weigh-in. Holly or Shawn will come around with a scale to weigh each class.
  3. Class with the LOWEST amount of recycled paper will win a pancake breakfast with WMAES made Maple Syrup.

Tuesday, April 20: NO PAPER DAY!

  • Use Chromebooks
  • Work outside with chalk, sticks, rocks
  • Use whiteboards instead

Wednesday, April 21: LIGHT’S OUT DAY
Take your lessons outside for the day! Explore the ecosystems you haven’t been to yet go off-trail EXPLORE with a purpose.

Thursday, April 22: Happy Earth Day!
Wear Green and Blue School Appropriate Clothes to support the Earth
Work on classroom projects throughout the day

Friday, April 23: Campus Clean Up!
See these tips to encourage your students to care for nature!

  • Research pollution caused by car idling and make signs for cars to see and walk around with signs before pick up time
  • Write environmental facts on the sidewalk for parents to read during pick-up time.
  • Write letters to organizations telling them they are doing good work environmentally.
  • Hold a can recycle drive and donate $ to an environmental organization
  • For one week, do not bring in any plastic water bottles as a class
  • Set an environmental goal as a class and work towards that
  • Clean up trails in and around forests at school
  • Clean up the forest play area and make it look nice for others to use (maybe 3rd)
  • Learn about compost and compost all your lunch scraps for one week and walk to the compost bin (orange bin behind cafeteria)
  • Collect classroom trash for a week and see how you can work together to create less in the coming weeks at school

New Branches Charter Academy

Monday: Take the Earth Day Pledge – we will be providing teachers with copies tomorrow morning. During the day, have your students color the Earth graphic and fill out the easy pledge form by writing their name, one thing they will do to help the planet, and what their grade is. We will be coming around to collect them at the end of the day. If you need extra time, that’s no problem!

Nature Walk – If it’s raining, take your class on a nature walk around campus on another day this week. Thursday is forecasted to be a nice day! ️

Tuesday: Lights Out! Spend the whole day with no lights on. Hopefully, there will be some sunshine!

Wednesday: Campus Clean-up – Take your class outside to collect trash around campus. Recess is a great time for students to look for litter to clean up. See Kate or Gordy for gloves and trash bags.

Thursday: Earth Day! Have your students come to school wearing green and blue. We encourage you to celebrate Earth Day by doing other activities as well. If you need Earth Day-related books for your class, or ideas for great video links, just let Kate know via email!

Friday: Conserve Water – Encourage your students to conserve water by doing things like turning off the water while brushing their teeth. Encourage them to use a reusable water bottle from home all week instead of using the school’s disposable cups for water.

Lake Superior Academy

Our students will be clearing the surrounding trails with their families in honor of World Clean-Up Day! (COVID protocols in place)