Holding The Bar – The Choice Schools 2023 Summer Scholar Conference

Image of the Choice Schools Scholar Schools staff at the Summer Scholar Conference in Lansing Michigan

“Relationships rooted in high expectations goes for all!” – Laura Moellering, Scholar Schools Superintendent

In the Choice network, we pride ourselves in providing rigorous professional development training to our staff members to set clear and high expectations of classroom instruction. We are always amazed by how our teachers rise to the occasion despite challenges and equip themselves with the tools they need to help our students thrive. This summer, our Scholar staff attended the Summer Scholar Conference in Lansing, Michigan, for an opportunity to collaborate with fellow educators and practice strategies that have proven to improve student learning. 

Throughout the conference many staff deepened their understanding of why methods are chosen and practiced with successful colleagues and experts. Our staff experienced training from education consulting professionals in specialized instruction of math, reading, culture and intellectual preparation. Our teachers committed to developing practices that promote exceptional student learning in their classroom.


In reflection, Laura Moellering, Scholar Model Superintendent, shares, “Every staff member saw videos of excellent instruction, and, when they reflect on being their best for kids, the images of those teachers they saw [in training] should be what comes to mind. “Just like when kids go out on the bball court….Our teachers should imagine themselves as the rockstar models they witnessed.”

Image of the Choice Schools Scholar Schools staff at the Summer Scholar Conference in Lansing Michigan

Alice Meldrum, teacher at Three Oaks Public School Academy shared, “I get inspired to do the things that really make a difference.”A Dove Academy teacher continues, “[The conference] has been very engaging, and fun – I can take everything back to the classroom!”

To close, Laura reflects on the takeaways from the conference by stating, “The presenters live their message. They taught the teachers in the same fashion that they expect them to teach kids and they stamped it. Make sure you do too. Next week should be: See It. Name It. Do It.”

We wish everyone a strong launch into the 23/24 school year!