Staff Spotlighting Staff: Meghan Bryant, Creative Montessori Academy


Ms. Meghan Bryant was nominated by her peers Cathy Bryson and Daniel Benedict as Choice Schools Associates’ Staff Spotlighting Staff feature! Meghan is a special education teacher at Creative Montessori Academy in Southgate. 

Core values Megan represents:
Student Focused, open communication, and teamwork

How does Meghan live these out?
“Teamwork and open communication – Meghan is a true team member who always helps her fellow coworkers with anything they need regardless of the time of day,” said her coworker Daniel Benedict. “She is always open to feedback from others and gives essential feedback to help other staff members better educate students on a daily basis.”

How does Meghan go above and beyond? What is something unique she does to help students thrive?
“Mrs. Bryant is always a calming presence in and out of school,” said coworker Cathy Bryson. “She goes above and beyond every day. It can be obtaining materials that a student may be lacking or being a safe space for emotions to be shared. She is always thinking about the students even after school. She spends her weekends researching and sharing with staff strategies to improve students’ school engagement. She consistently believes all children can learn and advocates this belief. CMA is truly blessed to have her.”

“Meghan goes above and beyond by always helping students in areas of need at all times of the school day,” explained Daniel. “The students are always happy to see Meghan and work with her in the Resource Room. Meghan uses a variety of teaching resources and effective management techniques for all the students she teaches throughout the school year. She is a big part of the success of the Resource Room at Creative Montessori Academy and an outstanding Team Leader!”