Revealing Our Hiring Secrets for the First Time

Are you a high flyer educator who is looking to help students soar into their future to achieve their American Dream? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Choice is not your average management company and our schools are not your average school.  We pride ourselves on hiring the best of the best in the industry as collaboratively and strategically as possible… And our results show it!

Finding that perfect person who fits into our amazing school cultures can be tough!  The old adage that claims people are your most important asset is not true. Hiring the right people are your most important asset. In Jim Collins’ book Good to Great, he said, “Having the right blend of talent, skill and experience is the foundation of creating the vision, strategy, and organizational structure.”

First WHO-Then-WHAT

We look for cultural fit. While it’s always great to find a candidate we like personally, it’s crucial to check and see if he or she truly buys into our organization’s core values and mission. Probably the most important element we look for is alignment with the Choice Core Values as well as the Academy’s mission statement.

The first question we consider is, “does this candidate truly believe and can they communicate the belief that all students can learn at high levels and be successful in life?” If the answer is no, then we know that the candidate is not the right fit for our culture.  If the answer is yes, then we know that they are ready to interview.

How we interview

We are looking for well-trained and highly skilled employees who have a deep dedication to the intellectual, social, and psychological development of each child.  From the outside looking in, how we interview is a complete mystery.  When you interview with Choice, you’ll likely have three to four interview sessions with Human Resources, the School Leader, and the I*We School Selection Team.

The big secret to our mystery in hiring the best of the best is the utilization of our powerhouse I*We School Selection Teams.  Being a member of the I*We School Selection Team is a leadership responsibility aimed at selecting the top candidates to educate our students and develop into high performing individuals.

Members of the I*We School Selection Teams are the masters of their school’s culture, the most innovative in their instructional methods, and are fully vested in the success of the new team member.  The I*We School Selection Team also gives candidates a realistic job preview providing honest and complete information about a job and the work environment, thus a clear picture of what the job will be like if they are hired.

Candidates who pass the muster of the I*We School Selection Team either move on to a teaching interview where the candidates teaches a lesson to a group of students or moves on to the final interview with the School Leader.

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What do we want to know about you?

Your Professional Journey:  We want to get to know YOU!   Share with us your professional journey or path you have taken up to the point of the interview.  Your journey paints a picture for us regarding the professional person you’ve become today.  If you are going to join our Choice family, we want to know all about you… the good, the bad, and the neutral.  Tell us your story!

What Makes You Tick?  How do you remain motivated and excited for the students?   Parents send us the best children they have, and it is our responsibility to meet and exceed expectations of parents and children.

How Do You Overcome Challenges?   We are likely to ask you questions that relate to your position that provide insight on how you solve problems and complete projects.   BE YOURSELF!   It is better to underpromise during an interview and overdeliver once you are hired than it is to not be yourself and not share the way that you overcome.

How Do We Keep the Right People?   Our comprehensive onboarding plan includes in-depth orientation on the basics, mentoring for professional development, and detailed introductions to all aspects and systems of the job.  Our primary goal after the time of hire is to get our new team member started as correctly as possible so they have the tools they need to be successful.  Onboarding does not stop after the first week, but continues for many, many, months.

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At Choice, the American dream is a living, breathing reality for our team. While our main focus is on creating the conditions of success for children to achieve their dreams, we also focus on developing one another through meaningful relationships, challenging work, constructive feedback, sound professional training, and a true commitment to nurturing the career path of each team member.


Choice School Associates and MIChoice are Education Service Providers for charter schools in Michigan and is the employer.  EEOC