Miss Being in a Classroom? How to Continue Teaching After Retirement

It can feel rewarding to retire, but for people who carry a passion for teaching and positively influencing the lives of others, it doesn’t need to mean an end to teaching. If you’re a retired teacher who has thought about returning to the classroom in any capacity, you’ll be happy to hear that there are many options available to you! 

Many teachers can retire with full pension benefits at the age of 65. Many, however, can opt to continue being educators after formally retiring from teaching. People with a passion for teaching often want to continue molding young minds, and it can be nice to continue the rewarding work while also supplementing retirement income.

Now is a great time to jump back into the classroom, with a windfall of opportunities being offered by schools across the state. Because of a recent change in legislation, schools can now more easily hire retired teachers to participate again in education – and Choice Schools is specifically looking for individuals to work with us to transform education and classrooms into exemplary learning environments. Let’s have a look at this in more detail below.

What Is Retiree Law? 

Retiree law is the legislation that sets out the rules and regulations any retired teacher must follow. 

It is in place to protect retired teachers and schools when it comes to issues like pension plans and returning to the school. There used to be a fee for re-employing a retired teacher. However, recent changes have made this no longer the case!

These changes make it easier than ever before for retired teachers to return to the classroom, and schools are more eager than ever to hire. You can read more about the legislation here

What Do The Recent Changes Mean For Retired Teachers? 

Teachers can currently return to work part-time and earn up to 49 percent of their regular salary while still receiving their pension. It is estimated that there are now roughly 2,500 such teachers. Any part-time retiree who meets the other qualifications would be able to return to work full-time while continuing to receive their pension!

What Options Do You Have For Employment? 

Retirement comes for various reasons, including age, injury, lifestyle change, or just a desire to pursue a new career. Many of these reasons can be catered to with a new role in education.

When a teacher retires, they can take their talents and use them in novel ways in the classroom or in a new role in education. Here are just a few jobs that educators can find success in after they leave formal education and don’t wish to return to the classroom:

Behavioral Interventionist

Students don’t just need educational support – they also benefit from social and behavioral support! Therefore, someone in this role will build programs to facilitate the development of positive social environments, informed behavioral choices, and will even work closely with special needs students to ensure their comfort and competence in navigating the world around them.

Teaching Assistant

A teaching assistant will help facilitate lessons, supervise students, and generally help the classroom run like clockwork. This can be a great starting position if you’re hesitant about jumping straight back into a full-time teaching job!


Nutrition is an aspect of schooling that often flies under the radar. Yet, children will be responsible for feeding themselves for their whole lives, so it’s our job to bring them up with nutritious food and educate them on how to make healthy choices! This role is responsible for selecting school meals and preparing them for lunchtime daily.


Teachers who work as educational consultants have found great success. Retired instructors not only know but also have the significant experience necessary to inform the educational process. 

Retiring teachers may want to contribute to students’ growth even when they don’t want to continue teaching. They can serve as advisors to school districts in this scenario.

Teaching with Choice Schools

At Choice Schools, we will welcome retired teachers with open arms to continue participating in education! We value the extensive experience that you have had and are here to support you in the proper role to suit your skillset.

We work with many charter schools that employ a variety of teaching methods and styles, allowing you to find a role that aligns with your experience, or could provide a new experience entirely.

Supporting The Next Generation

As a retired teacher, you already know how rewarding it is to be able to support and help future generations to grow and succeed in their future. 

Don’t let that stop now. Start working again, and you will work with Choice Schools to help grow the next generation of students AND young teachers. 

If you want to know more about how Choice Schools can help you return to teaching, get in touch today.