Four Lessons We Learned From the Annual Choice Serves Day

The core values of a business say a lot about what they stand for and where they want their business to go. At Choice Schools, we hold strong to our values that include, staying student-focused, expecting greatness, teamwork, open communication and servant leadership. Being dedicated to these values means putting each of these into practice first hand and at every level of our business. This is why for the past three years our central office staff has been holding a “Choice Serves Day,” to visit schools and help them better their school for the upcoming year.

Each summer, central office chooses one of our schools to spend an entire day at, helping with any needs the school may have, including painting, cleaning, outdoor work, etc. In the past years, we have been able to work at New Branches Charter School Academy and Four Corners Montessori Academy, and this year we were able to spend a day at Three Oaks Public School Academy.

On August 1, Choice Schools Associates donned paint clothes and work boots to volunteer at Three Oaks. The annual “Choice Serves” event brought together nearly 30 of Choice Central Office employees, as well as dozens of Three Oaks staff and community members.

Half of the team painted hallways, classrooms and the lunchroom while others spread thousands of yards of mulch on the playgrounds.

Over the course of the day we learned four important lessons:

  1. We are so incredibly lucky to serve amazing schools like Three Oaks.
  2. The saying is true. Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much!
  3. Working alongside our amazing Three Oaks staff members for the betterment of our schools fills our hearts with so much appreciation and love.
  4. Painting is really not our expertise, but serving schools is. We are on a mission to create thriving communities.

To view more photos and videos from our Choice Serves volunteer day, check out our Facebook page.