Happy National Charter School Week!

This National Charter Schools Week, It’s More Important Than Ever to Celebrate the Success of 3.2 Million Charter Kids. 

Nina Rees is the president and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. She writes:

Each year, National Charter Schools Week gives our students, teachers, school leaders and families the opportunity to show what their schools are all about. This year, telling our stories is especially important, because despite all the evidence that charter schools bring tremendous opportunities to students, the schools are being fiercely attacked by entrenched interests.

Researchers at the University of Arkansas studied charter schools in eight major cities, examining funding, achievement scores and how higher achievement translates to lifetime economic gains. They determined that “On average … public charter schools are 40 percent more cost-effective and produce a 53 percent larger [return on investment] than [traditional public schools].”

Nationwide, our 3.2 million students, 219,000 teachers, and countless champions and supporters should be proud of what they’re accomplishing. This week is an opportunity to shout their stories from the rooftops, confident that a lot of good people are listening.

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