Living Legacy: Carol Hutton

Carol Hutton retired in 2013 from her role as the headmaster of the Creative Montessori Academy where she served for 11 years.

Carol believes that a primary focus of education is the student receiving love and respect. That is, if a child feels love and is respected, then a positive school culture is established. She built and cultivated relationships with each and every student and staff member during her time as the head of school.

Living Legend

Carol sees the innate gifts in every person, including continuing her legacy at Creative Montessori Academy by acting as a mentor to the current staff.

This was true for Lisa Loger who is currently the Assistant Headmaster at Creative Montessori Academy.

“She inspired me to go into administration. Being a school leader was not a path that I was thinking about at the time, but through her encouragement and direction, I will forever be grateful for her support and believing in me,” Loger said.

From the leaders to the school staff, Carol believed, and still believes in leading by example. She truly puts students first in every aspect of her legacy.

“Carol is an incredible individual who can work with staff, parents and students and reach into the core of any situation, good or bad, and resolve all issues while still generating kindness toward everyone,” Diana Fencil, secretary of Creative Montessori Academy commented.

Diana and Carol worked together for 21 years as a head of school & secretary duo!

Her Journey

Upon her joining CMA in 2002, Carol had already spent more than 25 years in education and was perplexed by what her next step would be. She had just finished help close a private school and was feeling exhausted. Then, she got a nudge from a friend about a school called Creative Montessori Academy.

Throughout her first year, she often asked herself, “why am I doing this to myself?” However, a year later a turning point occurred for Carol when Choice Schools Associates partnered with CMA to help grow and create a vibrant school community in 2003.

Carol will never forget meeting Sid Faucette, founder and previous CEO of Choice Schools Associates, in the CMA parking lot. He had a big smile and she could just tell that he was from the South. She just knew that it would be a great match because she was also born and raised in the South and there was a special connection.

The partnership Choice Schools Associates started back in 2002 with Creative Montessori Academy has been rich and fulfilling.

“Choice Schools Associates is an extension of my family,” Carol Hutton said. “I would not have stayed in education as long as I did had I not felt supported and loved by the Choice family. Being the headmaster at CMA was my most rewarding experience of my more than 40  years of being an educator.”

During her 10 years (fall 2002 – spring 2013) of being headmaster at Creative Montessori Academy, she was instrumental in creating a diverse, vibrant and loving community of students, staff and teachers. She also assisted in growing the school from 300 students to 630 students by the time she had retired. The school went through many building additions and renovations so students could thrive and grow.

It has been six years since she retired, but Carol’s love for the students and staff at Creative Montessori Academy continues to grow and flourish!