Our Values: Open Communication

Open communication starts with us.

Choice Schools Associates’ culture is driven by putting students first, expecting greatness and teamwork. While these values are driving our company culture, it is important to recognize our aspirational values: open communication and servant leadership.

Through the strategic planning process of gaining feedback, Choice realized that while we thought our decisions were clear and we were being open, people are longing for more information. So, we made open communication one of our aspirational values.

Open communication is rooted in respect for others and transparency. From teachers to support staff to school leaders, we aspire to communicate openly and efficiently to ensure that teammates and stakeholders can make informed decisions to move forward. Being able to have honest, vulnerable and transparent conversations with one another will be key to creating communities in which everyone thrives.

Share examples.   

We love all the examples you are sharing with us describing how you are living out the core values in your school. What are you going to do this year to create a safe place for giving, receiving, and acting on feedback across all levels of our organization? Share an example with us via email to be entered to win cool swag!