Intended vs. Emergent Strategy – How are you recalibrating your strategy?

Intended vs. Emergent Strategy – How are you recalibrating your strategy?

To say this past year was filled with twists and turns would be an understatement; it was more like a roller coaster. As we reflect, we realize that it was also filled with new revelations about ourselves, how we serve our students, and how we can continue to grow. We have a valuable resource that we can’t keep to ourselves. We have been using it to refocus our strategy from emergent needs to intended outcomes as we begin to recalibrate. When things are stable and predictable, strategic planning provides a path for schools and organizations to achieve results. But when unplanned events happen, such as a global pandemic, policy change, or a leadership transition, your strategy is shifted to an emergent strategy, which can consume all of your focus, energy, and resources. As leaders, it is important for us to recalibrate and realign to move forward to our intended strategy while caring deeply for our people and tending to the needs of the current situation.

Watch this video for our valuable resource! How are you recalibrating your strategy?
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