Spring Break – Time to Pause and Persevere

We always hope that Spring Break is a time for relaxation and helps us all revive the energy we need to finish the school year strong. As we enter the last few weeks of school, our curriculum team wanted to share some tips and tricks with you all for ways to help you and your students remain active, participating learners!


Reflect on the amazing successes and challenges you’ve shared as a class this year. You and your students have overcome much adversity and their return would be a great time to appreciate their performance, assess the challenges that have come up, and review the expectations you have for the remainder of the year.
Ask your students: What is one thing you are looking forward to during the remainder of the school year?


Spring break is different for everyone. Returning to the classroom is a great opportunity to regroup and reconnect.
Ask your students: What’s one thing you learned over spring break?


Encourage yourself and your students to set a personal goal to work toward by the end of the school year. From grades to participation, inspire your students to work toward crossing a finish line!
Ask your students: What advice would you give yourself to end the year strong?


Be intentional about carving time out in your day to reconnect with your mind and body. Take a few minutes to hydrate and fuel your body to remain energized throughout the day, and protect your mental health by prioritizing you and your students’ social/emotional well-being.
Ask your students: What do you do to de-stress before, during, and after school?


Parent, guardian and teacher partnership is key to student success! Ensure your students are feeling prioritized and valued by maintaining consistent communication with their parents or guardians. Engagement with parents and guardians will be crucial to making sure students are progressing in their learning!
Ask your students: What can I do as your teacher (or staff member) to help you the remainder of the year?