Taking safety to the next level with CrisisGo

Taking safety to the next level with CrisisGo

At Choice Schools, safety and security are of the utmost importance. Due to the rise of school safety issues in America, we knew that providing the best preventative care for threats was what our schools needed. 

Through much research, it was determined that implementing CrisisGo was our best option. It is an intuitive tool that makes safety planning and implementation mobile by containing the entire Emergency Operations Plan, school map, staff roster, student database and it allows for instant communication among staff and with local emergency responders.  

“After researching many other products and attending a CrisisGo webinar and learning about the opportunities that it offered, I knew that Choice needed to utilize this platform,” Ron Wiens, Chief Strategic Operations Officer said. “Through this tool, we are able to provide a more safe and secure environment where our students are able to thrive.”

CrisisGo is a comprehensive platform that improves safety. It empowers members of the crisis team and general users,  to be part of the safety solution. With CrisisGo, Choice Schools has implemented processes and workflows through the integration of the latest technology. We have streamlined safety threats and connected the people through crisis teams who make safety happen.

“Having the capability to be alerted from the palm of your hand is amazing,” Shatara Morris, Board Governance and Operations Coordinator, said. “It has reduced anxiety and stress knowing that we are offering an effective solution for our students and staff.”

Through the CrisisGo app, the staff has the ability to communicate and alert the school community and the Central Office Crisis Team if there is an urgent update or threat. Rosters, that are synced daily from the local student information system, are included to provide a reference for staff so that they can quickly take attendance and alert one another if a student is not accounted for. 

There is a simple feature that allows staff to communicate with one another. This makes communicating during drills and actual situations easy. This can also be helpful to indicate where the danger might be located in a real-life situation. Overall, the features are comprehensive and offer great avenues to provide a safe environment for the school community. 

Each school has a safety team, which includes various trained personnel. These staff members have the ability to create alerts for fire and/or lockdown drills. However, any staff member can create an alert at any time should a school be in danger. 

“Since implementing the CrisisGo app, there is an awareness of safety precautions that we needed at our school,” Gary Stevens, principal at Bradford Academy, said. “It has created a safer environment and one where we can communicate quickly if something were to happen.”

For more information about CrisisGo you can visit their website; https://www.crisisgo.com/