Why we Hired a Director of Technology, Data and Online Solutions

The simple answer – for the students! As a company driven by our values, we are constantly listening to feedback and seeking opportunities to further support our staff and students.

When schools closed in March, we knew the shift to online learning wasn’t a temporary trend. Before the pandemic, most schools used technology as a resource and testing platform, and then, suddenly, schools needed to use technology as a mode to deliver instruction, a way to check-in on students and their main source of parent-wide communication. Technology became the only way to serve our students. 

Everyone from the curriculum team to the receptionist shifted their focus to provide technology support to our more than 900 staff and 6,700 students. Overnight, we all became directors of technology and the value of the role became even more apparent. Today, the need for technology is ever present in both remote and in-person instruction, and virtual instruction is a vital component of staff and student learning. 

By hiring a Director of Technology, Data and Online Solutions we are able to provide instructional coaching to our staff, support all learning management systems that our unique schools use, streamline communication and efficiency for all. It has allowed us the opportunity to identify specific technology needs in our schools to adjust our support. 

Amongst other projects, as they come, the Director of Technology will be a resource for all academy staff for their student support systems, asset management and will assist every school to establish individualized educational technology plans. 

The potential with this position fills us with excitement as we continue to navigate the ever-changing world of education, and we are elated to see how this role supports student learning at all of the unique schools we serve. 

Meet our Director of Technology, Paul Ezel! Paul Ezel Headshot

Paul Ezel joins the Central Office team as the Director of Technology, Online Solutions and Data on the Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction Team. Paul will partner with each school to support their technology and data needs. Paul earned his bachelor’s degree in education from Central Michigan University and began teaching at Dove Academy. During his 17 years at Dove, he served as a teacher in multiple grades, including second, third, fourth, fifth grade, and the media center teacher before launching into leadership as the Dean of Students and most recently a Vice Principal. Just last year, Paul earned his master’s degree in teacher leadership from Oakland University with an education specialty. Paul lives in Grosse Pointe Woods and is married to his wonderful wife Carey and has two dogs.