Choice Schools Hosted the Second Annual Montessori Conference

Choice Schools Associates hosted its second annual Montessori Model Conference at Creative Montessori Academy in Southgate, Michigan. Model conferences are a great chance for teachers, office staff and administrators to connect with one another through collaborative learning. Not only does this bring our network of Montessori enthusiasts together, it aligns with our core value of servant leadership. Choice Schools Associates recognizes that we are all stronger together, and opportunities like this continue to raise the bar on what’s possible at our schools!

Instructional staff from our three Montessori schools came together on Friday, October 20th, and spent their time in breakout sessions that ranged from subject-based teaching strategies to Montessori history and more! Several speakers including members of our central office and school leadership provided training and resources, and we were so excited to see our Montessori staff share in collaboration and brainstorming together.

The notes and comments left by those in attendance indicated they are already excited for another Montessori conference next year!