20 Years of Making a Difference

On Tuesday, March 19, Ferris State University Charter Schools Office recognized three of the trailblazers who had the vision to bring a better education option to the Benton Harbor community.

They are veterans in the charter school movement and were part of the founding members of the Benton Harbor Charter School Academy 20 years ago.

“It seems like yesterday that we started this beautiful school,” Jean Nesbitt, a founding member of BHCSA, said. “Despite all the challenges and tears that were shed to implement – it has been worth it. We are proud of this school.”

“We wanted something more for our kids and saw an opportunity through The Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools to make change and impact. Nesbitt said. “We found some soldiers in the community and created it together.”

Their service and commitment to Benton Harbor Charter School Academy’s mission to create a school that prepares and inspires every child to face the challenges and seize opportunities in their journey to greatness is still moving forward 20 years later.

“We are so honored to recognize Jean Nesbitt, Glenda Bell and Betty Mason for dedicating 20-years of service to students at Benton Harbor Charter School Academy,” Dr. Ron Rizzo, Director of the Ferris State University Charter Schools Office, said. “These three have never lost their vision for the school. We have the utmost respect and honor for their service to the Benton Harbor community.”

“Out of the 130 board members and 19 schools in the Ferris State University Charter School, we only have seven active board members who have served their schools for more than 20 years,” said Rizzo. “Three of them are from Benton Harbor Charter School Academy.”

We are humbled and honored to support such amazing, innovative and committed board members like Jean, Glenda and Betty. They are the true leaders behind the charter school movement.

Their vision still rings true today. Now, 20 years later, BHCSA is providing families a school that empowers choice and puts kids first.