$3M in Scholarships Granted to Bradford Academy Graduates

The school year comes to a close for 124 high school seniors at Bradford Academy in Southfield, MI, but attending a college or university will be their next step to achieving their American Dream!

Whether for their academic achievements or their talent in various sports, these students have shown that their abilities are meant to be recognized.

[infobox maintitle=”The 2016 graduating class has many accomplishments to be proud of this year, but the most honorable achievement is that over $3 million dollars in scholarships have been awarded to these individuals.” subtitle=”” bg=”blue” color=”white” opacity=”off” space=”30″ link=”no link”]
Cessilie Wright

Class Valedictorian Cessilie Wright graduated with a 4.15 GPA and was accepted to the University of Detroit (U of D) Mercy with an $84,000 scholarship. Additional top scholarships were granted from various colleges and universities including Eastern Michigan University, Alma College, Michigan State University, U of D Mercy, Adrian College, Olivet College, Notre Dame College, Miami University (Ohio) and Whittenburg College.

TaMarion Johnson

The most substantial scholarship was granted to Bradford senior, TaMarion Johnson from the University of Minnesota totaling $250,000. When asked, TaMarion credits his success to humbling himself and staying focused. “It was God and hard work that made my scholarship possible.” TaMarion said.


Class Salutatorian Named the Choice Schools Associates American Dream Recipient

Taneesha Pettway

Class Salutatorian Taneesha Pettway was the recipient of the 2016 Choice Schools Associates American Dream Scholarship. Taneesha comes from a family of five. Her parents are extremely supportive physically and emotionally, but financing college for both her and her sister has been a challenge. To her, the American Dream Scholarship means “if someone is willing to work hard enough, they will achieve the life they want.” Taneesha has worked extremely hard throughout her entire schooling by staying focused on her academics. Both her work ethic and thoughtful essay have deemed her honorable of receiving the 2016 American Dream Scholarship. This scholarship will allow for her to remove the financial stress of attending a university. In addition to this scholarship, Taneesha received the Emerald Scholarship of $16,000 from Eastern Michigan University where she will be attending this fall.


There is no doubt that the Bradford class of 2016 has worked to its true potential to achieve success.

We’re proud of them as individuals and wish them each the very best in their future endeavors as they continue on their journey to achieve their American Dream,” said Sarah Wildey, Vice President of Choice Schools Associates.