Back-to-School 2015

Back-to-School 2015 was a huge success!

On the morning of Tuesday, September 8, a welcome back celebration was taking place all throughout Michigan at each of our 14 schools. From rolling out the red carpet, to capturing those first day Kodak moments, and playing live music, to treating parents and students to homemade treats, YOU made the Choice family proud and most importantly, you made families proud to call your school HOME.

A BIG thank you to our Social Media Reporters (listed below) for covering Back-to-School 2015 on Facebook! These updates impact all of our online followers – whether they be current parents or prospective parents, so thank you to all of you for making this year’s kickoff one to remember!

Jess Eldridge, Caitlin Sanborn, Abigail Stotz, John Babinski, Lisa Loger, Jodi Austin, Jessica Powell, Jessica Lech, Aubrey Johnson, Meghan Moxon, Jeff Eikenberry, Kristi Ferris, Michelle Nighbert, Ashley Schouten, and Camilla Voelker