As children, we learn and understand the differences between up and down, left and right. However, knowing the difference between right and wrong is something we as humans continuously explore. Students across Choice campuses spent the month of January learning about what it means to have Good Judgment, and what it means when you choose the right thing to do. Some of our students demonstrated good judgment by looking before crossing the street, or simply by making sure to get there field trip permission slip signed. Other students showcased good judgment differently…

West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science

AP Biology students at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science (WMAES) spent their time after school studying for their AP exam during WMAES’ Academic Acceleration (AA). These students consistently attend AA with their teacher Mr. Barrett, even though they are not failing their AP Biology course. Instead, they show good judgment by putting forth the extra effort to make sure they are fully prepared for their AP exam, which they will take in May.

Image Of Students From Charter School Organization Attending A Seminar In Detroit, MI - Choice Schools Associates

Morey Montessori Public School Academy

Students in Mrs. Martin’s class wanted to create a video showing good judgment this past month. They discussed ways they would demonstrate this character trait during the day, and how they could recreate that in a video. One of the ideas involved going to the Peace Table to talk out differences they might have with a classmate. Three students decided to show cutting and pushing while the class is lined up, and then going to the Peace Table to solve their problem by talking through what happened, and discussing ways to prevent this in the future. Check out their video here!