Character Education: Perseverance

The character trait for the month of March was Perseverance.

Below is a spotlight on three of our schools and how they demonstrated Perseverance.

Bradford Academy

Below is a photo of the Bradford Academy students that used perseverance and won their building Olympics.

Bradford Perseverance

Macomb Montessori Academy

Student artwork that describes how she had perseverance.

MMA Perseverance

Muskegon Montessori Academy for Environmental Change

A student at MMAEC, has very recently discovered the power of perseverance. She has begun working more diligently in class, getting her work done on time and (much to the improvement of her reading scores) spent some extra time she has during class now, choosing what reading books interest her. She has realized how much more easily she is able to understand the materials when she spends her time in class working and asking questions, and she has really started to take ownership of her learning and education.  She has persevered through the struggle of focused work and found the power of her own intelligence!

Another student has had some intense struggles in the past with OCD and other problems. It was so much stress for him that he chose to be homeschooled for some time. This year, not only has he worked hard to overcome these very difficult barriers, but he has attended class nearly everyday despite how difficult it to sometimes even get out of bed in the morning. He often calls home at lunch and checks in with Mom or Dad, who then help him to get refocused, and he is then able to come back and continue in the classroom. He has found friendship, academic gains and an environment where he feels confident enough now to start sharing parts of himself with the other students here. It has been a long battle this year, and in his past, but he works hard, persevering EVERYDAY to stay in class, to stay with the students, and be a part of something that he couldn’t even consider before. His family, his teachers and his peers are all very proud of his successes!